Printing, submission and processing of manual DA70's and DA73's.
Printing, submission and collecting of CN1 hard copies.
Printing and submission of TDN's and drawbacks.
Printing and submissions of applications to make substitutions.
Submitting and collecting of EUR1's, SADC's.
Submission of acquittals
Processing of States Warehouse releases.


Plant Inspector: Printing and stamping of documents for release/extended release, in the case where an original phyto is required we can collect locally or it can be couriered to us.

Port Health: Printing and stamping of EHD's for cancellation or extended release, these may be mailed to us with the guarantee form not signed, we will sign on your behalf.

State Vet: Printing and submission of documents for cancellation, in the case of a removal permit being required the original Health certificate and Import permit can be collected locally or it can be couriered to us for submission.

We also provide the relevant services with DAFF and PPECB during the citrus season.


Certifying and processing of Certificates or Origin, we can also print the certificates as we do have blanks on hand, please enquire further regarding this.


Imports: We do deliveries of original docs such as Hard copy CN1's, Port Health, Plant Inspector, State Vet and Original Bills getting your FCL instruction stamped as proof of delivery for Navis update purposes.
We also do collection and deliveries of original DRO's.

Exports: Documents can be mailed to us for printing and submission to collect Original Bills or to request for Telex release.


We can process and deliver all documents to the various depots for all LCL requirements ensuring swift turn around time for your transporters when they arrive at the depot to collect, saving you time and money.


A central based office where all your requests can be mailed where our team of diligent well versed staff can take care of everything that is required for you to gain speedy release of your clients cargo, as well as a base for you to have your own House bills delivered where we can confirm if they are original so you can forward your release letters to the relevant agents.